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Brett Rauber and Jessica Baumgardner star in this black comedy about the art of distraction in the pursuit of happiness.

John Brown is angry. He’s angry about his life. He’s angry about his job. He’s angry about choices he’s made. He’s angry about advertising and tourist cruise lines. He’s even angry about Shakespeare, baseball card manufacturers and the red circles in Twister. Filled with regret and blanketed by apathy, John Brown meanders through the monotonous landscape of his everyday life. At the behest of a concerned family he’s agreed to meet with Dr. Montague. As the psychologist listens to John’s colorful rants, one thing becomes clear; John is broken.

As John sits on a stoop stewing in another lonely night of isolation, he is accosted by Siggy, a beautiful, yet bizarre young woman. The two begin spending time together, Siggy leading John on a series of existential quests, preaches her confused mix of nihilism and hedonism. As a result of the journey, John begins to see Siggy in a different light. Siggy’s rude, she’s standoffish, she’s erratic, because she too is broken.

  • "Narco Trip," Le Bienheureux
  • "St. James Infirmary" by L.Armstrong
  • "Te Enamores De Mi," Freedom
  • "Telephone and Rubber Band," Penguin Cafe Orchestra
  • "I Am What I Eat," Freedom
  • "Keep the air in my music," Freedom
  • Batman Theme Song
  • "Peter And The Wolf March"
  • "Thrashin," Soft Money
  • "Gonna Buy Me a Dog," The Monkees

  • Monika Flake, Colleen and the rest of the crew at Allann Brothers Coffee5th Street Beanery Location

    and the City of Eugene